Burning || Danielle Rollins


Burning is something special. Fast paced, a page turner and thoroughly interesting, I would definitely recommend this. 

Title: Burning
Blurb: After three years in juvie, Angela Davis is now months away from release. She'll finally get the hell out of Brunesfield Correctional Facility. And then Jessica arrives... she's young - only ten years old - so why did she arrive in shackles under the highest security? And why is she being kept in segregation? No one knows what she did to end up there. But there are plenty of rumours. Pretty soon strange things start happening to Angela and her friends. Could they be down to Jessica?
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy-Horror-Contemporary-Mystery
Published: April 2016
Source: Boolino
Pages: 343
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The cover of Burning is in some aspects good; I love the bold colors and vivid center image of a girl lit in flames. However, though this may seem picky, the rounded font and larger than usual size used for the top caption and the blurb struck me as childish. This led me to believe Burning was aimed at a far younger audience than it turned out to be. It's not that I don't like middle grade books, it's just that I would have liked the cover much more if it matched the content to some extent.

Cover: 3.5/5

Therefore, when I read Burning by Danielle Rollins, I was in some ways quite surprised. Expecting something more like Witch and Wizard (one of my favorite childhood series), I did in some senses get it but rather diluted into an explosion of other genres- Fantasy, Spy Realism and Horror to name a few. As well as displaying something highly original because of this, Burning also provided a sense of nostalgia. The main plot line rings similar to what I remember reading at a younger age but with an older, revamped and definitely better feel. Overall this created a lovely concoction of a book.

On a different note the no-nonsense, tell-it-as-it-is style of writing was a great healer from the heavy fiction I have been reading lately. I assure you it will be a very fast read and that is a good thing in my head considering the lengthy to be read pile sitting on my desk.

Content: 4/5

*Incoming clever quote*
"Monsters are more interesting than heroes"
Cleverness aside, Danielle Rollins does a decent job with the characters in Burning. Set in a female young offenders institute, there was much potential for it all to go wrong. Rollins could have created  monsters or Rollin could have created virtuous women who were in prison by complete accident. But she didn't. All the people in the book were flawed to some extent and that was refreshing. Characters like Jessica, the 10 year old central to the novel, was interesting as well as moving. Angela, the MC, was relatable and her relationships between her friends and the guards was also done exceptionally well.

Characters: 5/5


  1. Sounds interesting and I love that quote!! 😀

  2. Oh I do as well! Its such a clever quote :p xD


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